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Ron Levine gave a lecture at Temple Judah to share the heroic story of his father's experiences in a POW camp in WWII




This is the latest version of the video for the Mogen David of Barth on the Baltic.



Featured Music


Hoping to get my song added to Evver's music library!



Featured Music


Hoping to get featured on Digital Warble!



Featured Music


Hoping to get featured in Independent Music News!



I'm Only Sleeping Released


The new CD has been released! Check out I'm Only Sleeping at


From the harmonious mind of Ron Levine comes an album full of playful new arrangements of contemporary favorites. The songs, which stretch from The Beatles to Bernstein to Beauty and the Beast, feature Ron's Grammy Award Winning virtuoso improvisation skills, bringing a fresh new sound and a jazzy twist to some well loved classics. I am so excited about the release of this CD.


We have been working on it for a year and a half, and it's great to see it finally out there.



Storm Dancer Available


Check out Storm Dancer at


The insightful violin and mandolin improvisation of Grammy Award winner Ron Levine weaves emotion and imagery to guide you on a unique journey through inspiration, imagination and sound.


Storm Dancer Released


The new CD has just been released! Check out Storm Dancer at  I am so excited about the release of this CD.  We have

been working on it for a year and a half, and it's great to see it finally

out there.

Ron Levine on facebook


I am finally on facebook!

If you're a fan, you can like my page.




Videos posted


I just uploaded a few videos of some of my performances. You can find them here:


Ron Levine Plays Your Cheatin' Heart with Dottie West

Violin or Fiddle - Ron Levine Explains the Difference


And I found some videos of my performances already posted:


Ron Levine Plays Orange Blossom Special in Urban Cowboy

Ron Levine plays fiddle with Johnny Lee on Cherokee Fiddle


Check them out!

New CD


I'm working on a fun new CD.  Since I do all the instruments myself it is time

consuming. I'm working as fast as I can.  The new CD will have some cover songs

and some songs of my own. I think the songs I chose  to arrange are great songs,

and songs that you would never expect to hear on a violin album. But I arranged

them all for violin. If you didn't know the songs you would think that they were

originally written for the violin.

Storm Dancer


We are very close to releasing the second album in this series.  It is a remastering

and reworking of some of my earlier work.  I am very excited about releasing this

album.  It was also a fun album to work on because I got to work with my wife and

my daughter on the production.  Keep your eyes out for Storm Dancer, coming


Ghost Riders


Ghost Riders is sold out! Thanks to all who purchased the first album I released

here. I hope you enjoyed it!

Multiple Sclerosis


So, why is it taking so long to come out with a new CD? When I had my first MS

attack, I couldn't move my left arm, hand and leg. Needless to say, I couldn't play

the violin. When I had the attack, I first was compelled to play an old video for the

nurse giving me intravenous steroids. It was a video of me playing the violin at the

Grand Ole Opry with Dottie West. I wanted her to see how important it was to get

back my ability to play the violin. I felt that now no one would know, or could know

that I ever played music. I became obsessed with converting old reel to reel tapes

to CD. After some time, I could play a little bit and I was able to add new music to

these tracks. But now I play and record every day. As long as this keeps up I'll

keep on creating new music.